“Alastair Stone is like Harry Potter meets Harry Dresden with a bit of Indiana Jones! In this story you can add a dose of Sons of Anarchy with Magik! First two books are excellent. Looking forward to book 3!!!”
—Randler, Amazon reviewer

“The characters are vivid, the dialogue is fresh, and the narration is strong and clear. And the horror is NICE and eerie! "Frisson of fear" horror, not blood and guts horror; subtle, but with a punch.”
—Silas Sparkhammer, Amazon reviewer

“It took just a few pages for the action to kick in, and then it rocketed onward from peril to ever more dangerous peril. Do not start reading at night if you need to get up early the next morning!”
—Susan Cutter, Amazon reviewer

“The plot moves quickly and sweeps you into a fascinating mystery reminiscent of the John Bellairs books, though more adult. (I think I actually said, "yay!" out loud at one point). Looking forward to seeing more of these characters, especially Dr. Stone.”
—Julia, Amazon reviewer

“I have been hooked since page 1! I love the characters and actually care what happens to them. I would love to be friends with these people in real life. I've felt a whole range of emotions while reading this. I've laughed out loud, felt panic and fright, and even cried at one point.”
—Claryn M. Heath, Amazon reviewer

“The characters and the danger felt real and drew me into an adventure that was tense and intense, with hair-pin turns that drew me into the story so deeply I had to finish it.”
—Mary Decker, Amazon reviewer

Praise for The Forgotten

“Somewhat reminiscent of the Dresden Files but with its own distinct style.”
—John W. Ranken, Amazon reviewer

“I am reminded of Jim Butcher here...Darker than most Urban Fantasy, not quite horror, but with a touch of Lovecraftian.”
—Wulfstan, Amazon Top 500 reviewer

“Dramatic protagonist sucked me right in…I instantly wanted to spend more time with Alastair Stone…I definitely want to see more from this author!”
—Shawna Reppert, award-winning author of The Stolen Luck,
Ravensblood, and Raven’s Wing

“Fast-moving fun!...[t]he book is full of the things I like in a book, and they are presented in a clean, brisk style. This is a book well worth checking out.”
—Jason M. Hardy, author of Hell on Water, Drops of Corruption, and The Last Prophecies

“…a great entry into the urban fantasy genre.”
—Randall W. Wilson, Amazon reviewer

“Stone is a completely believable protagonist, and, frankly, damned likeable. We all wish we had college profs as engaging as he is!”
—Silas Sparkhammer, Amazon reviewer

“This was a damn fine book, I enjoyed reading it, and it was well worth the price...I will be waiting for the next one in the series.”
—Lincoln S. Farish, author of Junior Inquisitor


Praise for Stone and a Hard Place

What People are Saying

"The magic is believable, the characters could be people you know, and the twists, turns and mysteries to be solved glue your eyes to the page. You will never forget these characters or their world."

-- Jacqueline Lichtenberg, Hugo-nominated author of the Sime~Gen series and Star Trek Lives!